Using DAM To Distribute Digital Assets To Social Media Platforms

DAM News contributing editor, Ralph Windsor, has written the second part of his feature article on Social Media and how it can integrate with DAM through the DAM Value Chain:

Ralph considers some of the main issues with the use of an organisation’s digital assets:

  • Verifying asset suitability and workflow
  • Preparing assets for Social Media
  • Transferring assets
  • Tracking distribution in Social Media
  • Following up additional digital asset usage, post-publication

Social Media poses both a threat and opportunity for enterprises and their digital assets. The threat is that some employees either do not realise or care about how your media assets are used and will just upload them direct to a Social Media channel where they either never get discovered or leak out to third parties – whose objectives may or may not be in alignment with your own. As we have discussed, not having a DAM makes it far more difficult to track usage since there is no intermediary stage to monitor activity.” [Read More]

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