Idomoo Personalised VaaS Platform Launches

Israeli vendor, Idomoo launched last week and offers a personalised Video as a Service (VaaS) platform that can be adapted to each individual viewer

Idomoo automatically generates any number of highly personalized videos. Personal customer data from standard CRM systems or databases is integrated into a pre-produced master video template. Then each personalized video is delivered to the customer’s email, website destination or mobile phone. The result is great customer service and high sales conversion with reduced human resource costs.” [Read More]

The use of personalised video content is an interesting development and points the way towards an on-going trend towards DAM systems being used not only as stores of digital content but as a platform to adapt and manipulate them also, often in an automated fashion using templates and conditional logic.  To enable this advanced functionality requires a highly developed API and asset manipulation capability.  Platforms like Idomoo will no doubt increase demand for these more advanced customisation capabilities and we foresee prospective DAM buyers starting to ask whether vendors can support them ‘out of the box’ rather than as some custom consulting task (with the attendant cost and risk which that entails).

A big question is how many DAM vendors have the capacity (in their current form) to deliver all these demands for new features and if they will become overwhelmed by them or forced to specialise.

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