WeVideo Review

OnlineVideo,net features a review of Flash based on-line vide editor, WeVideo.net.  Apart from the issues inherent in using Flash (lack of iPhone/iPad support mainly), the review seems broadly favourable:

We’re in the baby steps phase of the online video editing market. WeVideo has a solid interface and is the closest I’ve seen to a desktop video editor. Still, if you’re a serious producer looking to replace your desktop editor, WeVideo isn’t it. On the other hand, for simple projects that you need to access from multiple computers, or that need to incorporate content from multiple sources, WeVideo is worth a look.” [Read More]

According to the review, a re-release that will support iOS devices is planned for 2012.  One issue with the transition from Flash to HTML5 is that it’s been possible to develop quite advanced applications using it for around 11 years now.  All of the skilled Flash developers will be (or probably are already) in the process of re-training to JavaScript and HTML5 but one would expect in the interim period, the functionality and/or reliability of transitional editions (or even new apps) to be less robust than Flash as developers get used to it.  If you are purchasing a new DAM system currently, this is another issue to check with prospective vendors about whether they both support your current browsers and have a plan to transition smoothly from Flash to HTML5 (and most importantly, do so at a point that is convenient for you as well as them).

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