Online Video Platform Buyer’s Guide & Enterprise Video Streaming Pitfalls has a buyer’s guide to Online Video Platforms (OVPs).  The distinction between OVPs and DAM systems is a pretty fine one if your candidate DAM is anything but a low-end commodity solution, however, the considerations described in this article are still fairly important for anyone who will deal with a significant amount of video.  A number of even higher end DAM systems still lack some features described such as CDN integration or iOS support:

Online video platforms (OVPs) encode, publish, and monitor on-demand and live video content. If your publishing needs are straightforward, any OVP will do, and price will likely guide your decision. Once you go beyond the basics, however, the field becomes narrower. In this article, I’ll focus primarily on the advanced features now available from a limited group of OVPs. I’ll include a checklist so you can identify the features important to you and track whether the OVPs you’re considering offer them.” [Read More]

Also worth reading from the same site is “Enterprise Video Streaming: Pitfalls to Avoid” which contains this harsh reminder about the expectations of your colleagues if you want to offer these services internally:

Companies streaming video to employees also need to understand that sites like YouTube are their real competition — not because they’re a distraction at work, but because they create a level of expectation about what streaming video should look like.” [Read More]

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