A Technical Overview Of H.264

Strictly one for the techies, but a comprehensive and confidently written article by Jan Ozer on Streamingmedia.com nonetheless.  Jan covers the H.264 specification, codec implementations, licensing and quality relative to other competing technologies plus a number of other fundamental topics.  This is taken from the adoption and support section and explains why H.264 has become the mainstream video encoding technology of choice in recent times:

H.264 is one of the three codecs available for encoding content for Blu-ray discs, is prevalent in video-conferencing products, and is widely used in television broadcasting, including satellite and cable broadcasting. In the streaming market, H.264 was first adapted by Apple with QuickTime 7 in 2005, and H.264 playback in an iPod also debuted that year. In 2007, Adobe incorporated H.264 support into Flash, with Microsoft announcing support for H.264 support in Silverlight in 2008.” [Read More]

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