Video DAM: Advice And Recommendations

Edward Smith, writing on the Extensis sponsored “DAM Learning Center” explains some of the basics of video terminology and offers some best practice tips for including it in your DAM.  The main advice is:

  • Select a common, accessible video asset format*
  • Use proxy clips (previews)
  • Be prepared for cataloguing and processing to take longer than stills or document assets
  • Plan for needing increased storage capacity
  • Ensure your embedded metadata strategy covers video

* This relates to the original essence (file) the asset is in.

The article has a lot of practical information and is very light on vendor spin too.  If you are new to this aspect of DAM, it’s well worth a read:

The entire landscape of digital media is changing and even traditional print designers are being asked to create interactive, rich media, and tablet-specific content. Digital publishing, mobile apps and the web are now part of the broad advertising and marketing landscape which has both enabled the use of and increased the demand for video content. It’s become a no brainier that DAM should be used to hold those assets.  In this article I’ll provide a  a primer on video asset management. I won’t address advanced aspects of a video production workflow in DAM, but will  introduce you to key terms and guidance on managing video content in a DAM.”  [Read More]

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