45% Of Advertisers Expect Digital Video Ad Spending To Increase In 2011

According to this Digidaily.com article, almost half the agencies and advertisers and agencies in one of their recent surveys are planning to increase their spending on on-line video advertising, with roughly 30% predicting a double digit rise:

More than half of the more than 100 responding advertisers and agencies who don’t currently buy digital video say they’re planning on doing it soon, but for them the most important impetus will be reach, followed by better measurement.  Some 42 percent will enter the market with budgets that represent 1-10 percent of their total digital ad spending on the line. The same percentage of respondents – 26 percent — predicted that they’ll shave broadcast and cable spending to fund their entry into digital video, though slightly more of these later entrants were willing to cannibalize cable. A much larger number than the established buyers – 21 percent — say they’ll be spending incremental budget, but an equal number say they’ll take it out of their general online display budget.” [Read More]

Although this relates to video for online advertising, the trend has implications for Web Content Management (WCM) applications which could see them increasingly offering similar functionality to DAM systems as one would expect the customers of WCM products to demand more tools to manage online video.

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