The Semantic Web Video Project has an interview with Thomas Steiner of Google Italy where the “SemWebVid” project is discussed which is part of the wider EU sponsored I-SEARCH initiative.  I-SEARCH is seeking to developer the first search engine that can cope with a range of  multimedia and multimodal content (text, 2D image, sketch, video, 3D objects, audio or combinations thereof), which can be used as queries and retrieve any available relevant content.

SemWebVid is short for Semantic Web Video. SemWebVid, says Steiner, “is a way to automagically annotate video using RDF.” The project is currently tailored towards YouTube videos but can be generalized to any video portal. SemWebVid is based around video metadata like titles, descriptions, tags, and closed captions. SemWebVid also consumes Metadata from YouTube and then semantically enhances it. Steiner explained how SemWebVid uses open source Natural Languages Processing (NLP) services like OpenCalais, Zemanta, and Alchemy to enrich the data and extract entities. ” [Read More]



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