DAM News Content: Polite Notice About Copyright

It has come to our attention that a DAM vendor has being making wholesale copies of sections of the DAM News website to use for their own marketing efforts.  Although imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, if you duplicate our content and have not obtained prior permission to use it then you have breached copyright.  Although you might see it on Facebook on a minute by minute basis, this is still illegal in most countries and can result in action being taken against you, especially where it has clearly been appropriated for commercial gain (as in this case).

I must emphasise this has nothing at all to do with any vendors discussed in the recent main news content (with reference to the article on Monday) and is a single vendor who we have found it necessary to write to.  If we do find infringements, we will remove the profiles of offenders from our vendor sites to reduce the risk of legal action being taken against us.

If we have not contacted you then you need not concern yourself with this notice, other than to avoid being the subject of one our copyright posts in the future!

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