Orphan Works – Library Of Congress Issue Request For Comments

Last week we covered an article in the The Register about orphan works legislation legislation being approved for public sector organisations by the EU in a so called ‘land grab’ – or straight theft if you subscribe to my own view that owners of intellectual property should have the same rights as the title holders of any other asset (tangible or otherwise).

According to Photo Business Forum, The Library of Congress is issuing a request via the Federal Register for comments on orphan works.  There is also an opportunity to submit your comments.  The Photo Business Forum article is worth reading as it explains several of the implications:

It is critical that photographers understand that the future of photography as a viable revenue stream depends upon you making your voice heard on this matter. While the various trade organizations will serve to collect voices, and you should participate, you should individually make your voice heard. You, as the photographer, are the rights holder. However, this doesn’t just extend to individuals- if a rights holder is a corporation that employs photographers, this will affect them too.” [Read More]

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