DAM Survival Guide Review

The DAM Survival Guide written by David Diamond has recently been released as an Amazon Kindle title.  David’s book explains how to plan a Digital Asset Management initiative and covers a wide range of topics:

  • How to find and recruit others at your organisation to assist with your plan
  • How to benefit from professional help
  • Understanding the needs of your organisation
  • The right time to consider DAM systems and software within the overall process
  • Identifying which vendors are favoured by their customers

That list barely scratches the surface and there is a vast amount of information contained within the 200 or so pages.  In fact, having read the book, I think the main (and only significant) criticism I would make is that David covers perhaps a little too much material in this guide.  To be fair, that’s a reflection of the complexity of DAM itself and to fit the title into a size that the majority of readers can handle while still covering all the bases, that is an inevitable trade-off.

David Diamond, is currently Director of Marketing at Picturepark, however, he has held roles at other vendors and the book is vendor neutral.  If you are investing in DAM books to learn more about the subject, I can recommend this one.

The title can be bought on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

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