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Today, we launched a site about Digital Asset Management Books.  Along similar lines to some of our other simpler description-based DAM resources, is a list of titles, link to where you can buy them and (where relevant) some additional resources provided by each author.  There are a number of other places which list DAM-related books now, for example the excellent DAM directory assembled by Deborah Fanslow and Emily Kolvitz.  To differentiate from those, I have written a very short review of each of book.

This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it intended to be.  I am aware that there are some new titles due to be published in the near future which are not yet covered and if we included all the metadata-related books also, it would be quite a lot more longer, but the hope is that it will help prospective readers to decide which DAM-specific books are more suitable for their needs.  We will be endeavouring to keep this up to date as and when there are changes.  There is no comments facility on, so please post any follow-up suggestions or feedback to this article instead.

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