DAM News Round-Up – 18th March 2024

A selection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

The difference between digital curation and digital preservation

This recent post from DAM vendor ResourceSpace takes a look at the key differences between digital curation and digital preservation – two interchangeable terms that are closely related.  The article highlights a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with each specialism, along with a link to a more comprehensive guide covering digital curation.  A worthwhile read for anyone involved in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) sector.

10 Things on the 10th March: Facets, Content Strategy, IA, AI and More AI…

This round-up within a round-up from DAM, library and metadata specialist Tracy Forzaglia (aka modlibrarian) draws together a series of eclectic articles on a range of topics including taxonomy, preparing content for AI, enterprise content strategy, information architecture, information on free AI courses from Harvard, Google and OpenAI, and an intriguing article on the naming of a Cosmoselachusan ancient shark that lived around 326 million years ago.

The Critical Difference Between UI and UX in Digital Asset Management

Another, often vague, differentiation is that of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience).  Although both are inherently linked, this recent article from DAM solutions provider OrangeLogic focuses on the importance of the latter.  Using the iconic DMC DeLorean car from the film ‘Back to the Future’ as an analogy, the post explains how, although its visual appearance (UI) was impressive, the vehicle was beset by mechanical problems, resulting in a terrible user experience.  A practical list of considerations in relation to DAM usability is also provided, illustrating how a fancy interface and impressive aesthetics become redundant if the underlying functionality is lacking.

A Royal Fiasco?

Visual technology expert Paul Melcher takes a look at the recent furore over the amateurish attempt at Photoshopping Kate Middleton’s family snapshot published for Mother’s Day.  Paul explains how it isn’t the act of digital modification itself that is the problem, more the fact that it was done so without any declaration.  In an age where misinformation and deepfakes are front and centre in people’s minds, scepticism levels are high, and although the debacle is a strong indicator that our fakery detection mechanisms are working fine, it does highlight the importance of transparency, especially when the subject in question has such a prominent public profile.

Video Content Management System: Best Solutions in 2024

This recent post from Digital Asset Management software provider Pics.io explores a number of video content management solutions.  A basic introduction is provided, outlining the numerous features specifically designed for storing, cataloguing, streaming and distributing video content, along with a list of key considerations when choosing the best platform for your needs.  Featured providers include Panopto, Kaltura, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Wistia, IBM, and Sprout Video, with a breakdown of the capabilities and pricing model of each solution.

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