Featured Event – Re-establishing Trust in Visuals – 10th April 2024

This week’s featured upcoming event is a Visual 1st Spotlight webinar entitled ‘Re-establishing Trust in Visuals‘, taking place on April 10th at 8am Pacific Time.  Featuring visual technology expert Paul Melcher, Truepic CEO Jeffrey McGregor, Steg.ai Founder Joseph DeGol, and Clarity CEO Michael Matias, this exclusive event will take a deep-dive investigation into the confidence, trust and authenticity issues resulting from the meteoric rise of generative AI content.  Guidance include how to unpick the numerous, often confusing authentication mechanisms that have emerged, forensic watermarking technologies, and deepfake detection methods.  Tickets cost from $19.

As the lack of trust in visuals is a multi-faceted problem, no single solution solves all and a variety of solutions are being developed.  At this Spotlight we’ll take a deep-dive into the current state of different approaches specifically to:

Assist content creators to certify that their images are authentic and can be trusted, including with respect to IP. 

Enable imagery viewers and buyers to ascertain whether the images they’re viewing, or are about to publish under their responsibility, meet the necessary authenticity requirements.”  [Read More]

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