Featured Event – Buying Enterprise DAM Software: Myth and Reality, Webinar – 28th March 2024

This week’s featured event is a free to attend webinar following up the recent publication of the DAM News Industry Report and Buyer’s Guide.  Hosted by Activo Consulting’s Malika Kechich and Frederic Sanuy and taking place on Thursday 28th March at 4pm CET, Buying Enterprise DAM Software: Myth and Reality will be drawing together a number of industry experts to present a deep dive analysis into the current state of the DAM market and the burgeoning yet often misunderstood role of AI within DAM.

You can register for the webinar directly here.

Ralph Windsor and Russell McVeigh will be providing an overview and breakdown of the DAM News industry report.  Containing over 500 pages, this unique vendor-neutral publication features a detailed analysis of 16 common vendors, including features, user feedback and a broad range of performance metrics.  The report is accompanied by a comprehensive buyer’s guide containing invaluable advice on the vendor selection process and how to navigate the myriad options when choosing the right DAM system.

Mark Davey, metadata specialist and founder of The DAM Playbook, will be exploring the hype surrounding the explosive adoption of AI and dispelling myths about it being a silver bullet solution for DAM.  Mark will also be discussing how AI coupled with metadata is where the true potential lies, and how it promises to significantly enhance existing DAM operations.

The myth posits AI as a magical solution, capable of autonomously managing and optimizing all digital assets without human oversight, promising an unrealistic level of sophistication from the get-go.  The reality, however, is both more grounded and promising: AI acts as a force multiplier within DAM systems, significantly enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.

Visit the event page below for more information or register directly.


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