Featured Job – Digital Asset Specialist, Museum of Modern Art, New York – 22nd March 2024

This week’s highlighted opportunity is for a Digital Asset Specialist with The Museum of Modern Art.  Working out of Long Island City, New York, the successful candidate will be expected to have a bachelor’s degree in imaging or library science, and have previous experience of working with DAM systems and managing metadata and taxonomies in a museum, library or similar context.  Responsibilities include regular daily DAM tasks such as upload, ingestion, cataloguing and tagging.  Additional duties include image retouching, cropping and rotating, providing user onboarding, training and documentation, improving search and monitoring peformance, managing licensing and usage rights, and handling routine troubleshooting.

Assists in all operations related to MoMA’s museum-wide digital asset management system (DAM), including ingesting, tagging, cataloging, organizing assets, and refining workflows. Provides access and support to staff across the Museum through training and documentation. Facilitates storage and retrieval workflows and assists with licensing requests from MoMA’s outside licensing partners.”  [Read More]

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