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Ralph Windsor


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Ralph Windsor

The 2018 DAM Vendors Pricing survey is the only study of vendor pricing available in the Digital Asset Management industry.  The data was obtained via a questionnaire issued to vendors registered on the DAM Vendors Directory who agreed to participate.

The 7,500 word, 64 page report includes some highly in-depth research and analysis into the pricing of Digital Asset Management software in 2018.

• A scientifically conducted study of DAM vendor pricing using real data entered by DAM vendors who were neither charged nor paid to participate
• Five pricing scenarios: Graphic Studio, Department DAM, Medium-Size Company, Enterprise DAM plus each vendor’s average or typical solution.
• Includes both Hosted (SaaS/Cloud) and Non-Hosted (on-premise) options for each scenario (where applicable).
• 35 graphs and charts.
• Breakdowns of each vendor’s pricing across the scenarios, as well as average and median prices and distribution across different price brackets.
• Summary data presented in tables and comparison graphs.
• Original survey data as entered by vendors in Excel format.
• Rationalised data used to derive analysis and charts in Excel format.
• Copy of questionnaire issued to vendors
• Industry analysis and summary of findings.
• Purchasing advice for prospective DAM users about lessons learned from the survey.
• A full copy of the 2016 pricing survey and associated data is also included.
• Organisation-wide licence (unlimited access for everyone in your organisation).

This report is included with DAM News Premium subscriptions.

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