Feature Article: The Implications of Covid-19 for DAM – Part 2

In this second instalment of his two-part series on the implications of Covid-19 for the DAM industry, DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor digs deeper into a number of topics, including the possible resurrection of so-called DAM Lite offerings and renewed interest in DAM from firms like Dropbox.  The future of Digital Asset Managers and consultants is discussed, including their need to demonstrate increasingly impressive voices to sing for their supper.  Further, the likely demise of on-premise delivery models as the ubiquitous cloud becomes the last man standing in terms of cost, access and practicality.

One of the few scenarios which will keep an on-premise DAM from getting replaced is in the more specialist production DAM market where the digital asset files are too large to be hosted on the cloud.  With that said, I can foresee more Cloud vendors seeing this as an opportunity to challenge for these remaining legacy markets.  The problem of large files and limited bandwidth is not unique to DAM and the Cloud hosting vendors (Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc.) will be eager to solve it also.” [Read More]

Although the outlook is mostly unfavourable, the imminent clouds may well have a silver lining for those with enough flexibility and innovation to weather the storm, and as Ralph points out, there might be some long-term opportunities for those who are able to adapt and survive.  You can read the full article here.

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