Feature Article: Forrester 2024 DAM Report – Not Waving but Drowning


My colleague and seasoned DAM expert Ralph Windsor has written a feature article questioning the value of the recent Forrester DAM Wave report, and whether such publications have any true relevance to the DAM industry or are simply a costly and somewhat arbitrary PR exercise for those featured.  In essence, a form of vanity report.

Ralph also questions the vague criteria for inclusion in the report, and highlights accusations – and counterclaims – that Forrester operate on a so-called ‘pay-to-play’ model whereby the size of the vendor’s purse governs how prominent they feature in the report.

I have been told by some vendors who have asked Forrester why they were not featured and insufficient revenue is apparently cited as the most common reason.  The exact level of revenue that a vendor is required to attain is not always clearly elucidated, however.  Furthermore, some vendors who aren’t in a higher revenue category but who have recently completed a financing round (e.g. through a Venture Capital firm) are permitted.

It seems like the real reason Forrester seek out vendors who have met a particular revenue threshold (or received funding recently) is that they are more likely to have the funds required to pay for lucrative report re-distribution licence fees – where the vendor is allowed to provide copies of the report to prospective customers, bespoke research and sponsored events like Forrester webinars.”  [Read More]

The article also raises an eyebrow at Forrester’s choice of ‘leaders’, and how a number of featured vendors’ core business isn’t actually DAM, but some form of suite that contains DAM as a component.

There is a more fundamental issue with seeking to rank vendors into ‘market leaders’, ‘contenders’ etc.  This is plainly obvious to anyone who has had real-world experience of implementing DAM systems, as opposed to using some abstract theoretical criteria to evaluate them.  It is this: there is no such thing as ‘the best DAM’, it’s a mythical, non-existent beast.”  [Read More]

You can read the full article at the link below.


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