Feature Article: Best Practices for DAM User Adoption

Image Relay’s DAM Librarian Sophy Bishop has kindly contributed an article for this month’s editorial topic of DAM user adoption challenges.  Sophy highlights the importance of rolling out a DAM that is both intuitive and easy to use, and that users will have no qualms about abandoning overly complex or convoluted technical processes in favour of existing tools.  Tests have shown that a third of DAM users prefer to use keyword searches, a third tend to search with additional refinements, and the remaining group prefer to browse folders to locate their digital assets.  This highlights the importance of providing user with multiple routes to discovering the files they need.

Sophy also focuses on the preliminary work required for a DAM implementation to be successful such as ensuring that sufficient metadata is in place to aid search and categorisation.

The bulk of the work to introduce a DAM is adding all the data and metadata that makes the DAM effective at quickly finding the right assets. Investing the time to add that data correctly pays massive dividends in employee efficiency and accuracy later on, and sets the stage for positive experiences and rapid user adoption.”  [Read More]

Additional insights and guidance include providing adequate user training, documentation and support, assigning a dedicated admin to oversee user permissions and preserve the quality of assets, and keeping on top of routine maintenance to ensure that the DAM remains responsive, relevant and well-organised.

You can read the full article at the link below:


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