Feature Article: Managing a DAM – The Good, The (not so) Bad and The Necessary

Yvan Cohen, co-founder of the LightRocket DAM platform, has kindly contributed an article exploring the role of the DAM manager as part of our editorial series on the topic.  Managing a DAM – The Good, The (not so) Bad and The Necessary provides a breakdown of a typical DAM manager’s profile, along with a detailed explanation of their duties and the qualities required to actively shepherd the DAM system, its users, and your precious digital assets onto greener pastures.

The article also touches on the increasing presence of AI within DAM workflows, yet reinforces the idea that DAM systems are far from set-and-forget applications and still require a human to drive them in the right direction.  Yvan explains how appointing a dedicated DAM champion to foster adoption, act as a gatekeeper for your organisations’ digital assets, and establish an ongoing dialogue with your DAM vendor is crucial to fully understanding the complexities of your organisation’s digital content ecosystem and harnessing its potential.

To get the most from your DAM solution and to release the value of your media and digital archives, it’s vital to develop a strategy that embraces the management of incoming content, the classification of existing files, and a coherent plan for the future. For that you need a competent manager who is not only going to develop your internal strategy, but who will be committed to ensuring you are benefitting from the full potential of the system you invested in.”  [Read More]

You can read the full article at the link below.


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