Feature Article: AI Content Governance – Leading with Compliance and Innovation

Visual tech specialist Paul Melcher presents an unhampered view of the current legal implications of generative AI, and how DAM vendors will need to lead the charge in developing and adopting safeguarding measures that will ensure AI-generated content adheres to legal, ethical and regulatory compliance.  In AI Content Governance: Leading with Compliance and Innovation, Paul runs through the various initiatives, laws and regulations that are emerging, and argues that Digital Asset Management will not only need to accommodate the rapidly evolving content provenance and authenticity ecosystem, but must actively position itself as a foundational component and key driver in its design, implementation and enforcement.

In its repositioning as a business’s ground truth content governance – the ultimate source of authenticated content – DAM must also ensure that the authenticity its users have worked so hard to create is preserved beyond its boundaries. Since metadata by itself is too brittle, reinforcement via invisible watermarking, image matching, and similarity hash positions DAM not only as a repository of trustable content but as a reference library for outside users who will increasingly doubt the legitimacy of what it sees.”  [Read More]

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