Feature Article: Digital Asset Alchemy – Turning DAM into Brand Management Gold

As part of our series on DAM for Brand Management, Jeff Olsen, Director of Product at DAM vendor Image Relay, has kindly contributed an article exploring how a well-structured and actively maintained DAM can empower organisations to take better control of their brand.  Jeff runs through a number of issues that can result from poor brand management, including the chaos that ensues when disparate, uncategorised brand assets are left to accumulate, resulting in almost 50% of organisations pushing out off-brand content a number of times throughout the year.

This insightful article provides valuable and practical advice on how DAM systems can assist in achieving brand consistency for increasingly tighter and fast-paced campaign schedules, the importance of aligning your DAM with product data in order to provide accurate product information across multiple channels, tips on creating an agile brand strategy by using templates and pre-approved assets, and guidance on locking down user access to ensure that partners and external teams are provided with up-to-date and on-brand materials.

…without strategy and governance woven through its fabric, even the shiniest DAM loses luster. True success requires embracing DAM as a core business driver. Think beyond the digital library, and envision the role DAM plays in coordinating assets, campaigns, and platforms as a single conduit for brand management and expression. This broader mandate liberates DAM from mere maintenance duties and positions DAM as a guiding force to amplify brand integrity. With clear guardrails and governance, simplicity and flexibility need not be opposing forces. Brands that have mapped the interwoven dynamics between assets, information, and audiences are best poised to optimize DAM capabilities and manage compelling brand experiences.”  [Read More]

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Image Credit: Joseph Wright of Derby The Alchemist (Public Domain)

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