Feature Article: It’s 10pm. Do you Know where your Digital Assets Are?

Brian Trombley, CEO of Ariza Content Solutions, has kindly contributed a feature article entitled ‘It’s 10pm. Do you Know where your Digital Assets Are?‘ Brian’s titular question is far from rhetorical – his article, which perfectly demonstrates what can go wrong when organisations cut corners by failing to provide adequate metadata and descriptive tags, acts as a cautionary tale.

Many times, DAMs are implemented quickly and without adequate budget to address proper search and retrieval aspects. We hear all too often “We’ll go in and clean up the metadata later. We just need to get everything into the system now”. But later rarely happens and the investment in that new DAM never plays out to the fullest. Getting it right the first time is critical in a world where marketers need to turn on a dime to defend and grow their share of the pie. Don’t cheap out on your DAM implementation. And if you have already made that mistake, seek expert guidance on how to get on track to become fully competent in your digitally-driven marketing efforts.”  [Read More]

Brian’s piece includes a number of case studies that highlight the importance of clean, concise metadata and keywording, and how ignoring the issue – as many organisations do – can lead to poor asset discoverability and usage, and the negative impact it invariably has on marketing efforts and the wider digital supply chain.  Brian also acknowledges that although AI tools can provide a significant level of assistance with metadata and keywording, it’s not always accurate, so there will always be a need for humans to provide additional nuance, review and relevance.

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