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Magan ArthurYesterday, we published an interview with Magan Arthur.  Now Managing Director of MOJO Consulting, Magan has been active in the DAM industry for over 20 years and many readers will be familiar with his articles (and book).  The interview contains some great insights; in particular, I found his answer to the question ‘What’s the most important thing for someone new to DAM to understand about DAM?’ resonated with me:

I would say that the most important thing about DAM is to understand that DAM is not merely a technology but a business practice. I wrote an article a while back on this very topic. What I mean with that is that in the DAM Market (as in many others) vendors and analysts alike make their money from talking about technology. That focuses the conversation on vendor selection and features rather than operations and processes. In most cases the promise of DAM vendors to solve the content challenges of organizations small and large are way overblown. The DAM tools on the market today are by and large interchangeable from a functionality perspective. The focus of a DAM project should therefore not be the tool but the content processes and governance.” [Read More]

This echoes a number of points I have made also in the past, along with others such as David Diamond.

Magan’s response to the question ‘What was your biggest success with regard to DAM?’ also highlights that Digital Asset Management is primarily a form of Operations Management rather than being just about collections of marketing content (another perspective I absolutely agree with):

For me the biggest value I generated with DAM came when the content managed within the DAM was or is put into the business context of a specific task or team. The general library function is not a bad thing. But I see significantly more value when a Customer Service Rep (CSR), for example, can capture the location of the caller/texter and a product name or ID right within the CSR application they work in every day and when that system is fully integrated with the DAM.” [Read More]

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