Interview With Jennifer Anna

Yesterday, we published an interview with Jennifer Anna, Photo & Digital Asset Manager for World Wildlife Fund (US).  The piece includes some very valuable advice across a range of different DAM-related subjects.  Two points stood out for me, firstly in regard to vendor selection:

Vendor selection can be a challenging process. It requires nothing less than a forensic level audit because once a company has committed to a platform it’s very difficult to change course. It’s a long-term commitment. Considerations should include a vendor’s customer support model, upgrade and release schedules, and development philosophy. It’s also important to have the best possible relationship with your vendor, transparency about expectations is very important. The best programs and platforms can be compromised by communication breakdowns.”  [Read More]

The second was her observation about staffing for DAM initiatives:

I’ve learned a LOT the hard way. I would say the biggest mistake was not building staffing resources at the very start of the vendor selection process at World Wildlife Fund. RFP processes are time consuming and complicated but in hindsight we should have been setting up staffing expectations for the DAM platform at the very beginning of the process.” [Read More]

The full interview is available here:

An index of all DAM News interviews is also available.

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