Interview Series With David Diamond

Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with David Diamond, author of the DAM Survival Guide, founder of The DAM Guru Program and former Marketing Director of vendor, Picturepark. Anyone who has been involved in DAM for more than a couple of years will almost certainly know who David is and be familiar with his significant contributions to DAM industry education initiatives and high quality DAM learning materials.  Not least of these is his book, which was the first title to offer some real-world practical guidance to prospective enterprise DAM users (and which still very much holds its own among the various others that were written afterwards).

During our interview, we covered a very wide range of Digital Asset Management related subjects over a period of several hours.  There was so much material, that we decided to break the interview down into a series.  In this first instalment, David talks about what he has been doing since leaving Picturepark; why he left and the reasons behind why DAM Guru came into existence:

Every now and then, I would hear from a marketing director at another DAM company about what a brilliant marketing idea DAM Guru Program was. They just didn’t get it. DGP was an educational idea that was intended to actually empower individuals—it was never intended to be a marketing scheme.” [Read More]

The first part of the interview can be read here:

Amongst other topics, in the follow-up instalments we will cover:

  • The reasons why David thinks DAM vendors have such a poor reputation in the industry.
  • What the role of DAM partners is and whether it is increasing or declining.
  • The lack of innovation in DAM and what has caused it.
  • Whether the scope of DAM is becoming too diffuse.
  • Why DAM Lite has failed to gain traction.
  • Whether or not there really is a consolidation trend in DAM.
  • Where David sees the industry going in the next five years.

In addition to this interview series, next week on Tuesday 16th April 2019 at 11am ET, David, Carin Forman and myself are participating in a collaborative webinar panel on The State of DAM Today which will be moderated by Frank DeCarlo and hosted by the London DAM and New Jersey DAM Meetup groups.  This promises to be quite a lot different (and far more compelling) than other DAM webinars you may have tuned into previously.

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