The State of DAM Today Webinar – 16th April 2019

New Jersey DAM Meetup and London DAM Meetup are holding a joint collaborative webinar on the subject: The State of DAM Today. The event takes place on Tuesday 16th April at 4pm UK, 11am ET and 8am PT and is free of charge.

The panelists are David Diamond, author of The DAM Survival Guide, Carin Forman Director of Digital Photo Services at Home Box Office and myself, with Frank DeCarlo, CEO of RPR Graphics moderating.

The discussion is going to cover some deep and fundamental topics (which some might say are more like existential issues) with the current DAM market, including:

  • Whether DAM has really evolved or innovated in the last decade
  • Is finding Digital Asset Managers (the human kind) difficult and if so, why?
  • Why does DAM appear to lag behind other marketing and web content technologies?
  • Are we in a DAM Crisis?

The panel will speak for 45 minutes and there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask some questions at the end. Everyone involved with the DAM market in whatever capacity is welcome to attend, whether you are user, vendor consultant or analyst.

The issues to be discussed go right to the heart of our subject and I can confidently say that it won’t be anything like the kind of material you get served up in offerings available from other outlets.  If you have a genuine interest in the current state of DAM and care about where it is going, you need to find the time to tune into this one.

The registration link is here:

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