Digital Asset Management Technology Predictions For 2012

Yesterday we analysed the prospects for the DAM industry in 2012.  Today we look more closely at our DAM technology predictions for 2012 and consider a number of themes as, such as:

  • How the novelty factor of DAM systems is ending and end users are demanding more sophistication and power
  • Why DAM system will increasingly become ‘invisible’ to end users
  • The increased importance of back-end integration with WCM and other tools
  • How asset context will be used to improve searching
  • Why batch processing and workflow will become more critical for users
  • How important mobile DAM really is
  • Why embedded metadata will finally take hold and be fully supported by asset producers and DAM system vendors alike

The novelty factor of having a networked system that can deliver all of an enterprise’s media from one source is now pretty quickly beginning to wear off amongst end users and from our experience as consultants, it is being replaced by frustration and disillusionment with the slow rate of progress at addressing core issues, especially with reference to searching, workflow and batch processing.” [Read More]

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