Predictions For Digital Asset Management In 2012: The DAM Industry

In this the first of a two part piece, we have written an article where we outline our predictions for the Digital Asset Management industry in 2012.  The key themes to emerge from our discussion are the impact of the wider economic environment and the increased competition in in the DAM sector.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • The effect of the ongoing economic downturn on DAM and the continued demise of the public sector market
  • Inertia and unwillingness to replace established products
  • Competition between vendors and IT departments
  • Users bypassing their IT department and going direct to SaaS offerings
  • Over-specification of ‘mega’ solutions for internal political reasons and as a consequence of diminishing budgets
  • DIY DAM and wider adoption of Open Source
  • Convergence and cross-sector competition
  • Blurring distinctions between Enterprise, SaaS and Open Source
  • Cloud Platforms compete with their own customers

Since 2008, many tech companies, including those in the ECM sector have ridden out the ongoing economic storm and even prospered as a result of a combination of factors. One of them has been the momentum from the resurgence of the internet and web technology since the post-dot com bust period as widespread broadband access made web applications a more practical proposition.  The other has been the replacement of analogue media with digital equivalents and is arguably the reason why DAM systems have become considered ‘essential’ purchases for enterprises of all sizes. However, the market is entering a mature phase now where new software purchases are either replacements for existing products or made by late adopters who are more price sensitive than those who have made their move earlier in the business cycle” [Read More]

Tomorrow we will assess the technology side of DAM and try to assess what the impact will be of changes we predict will take place during 2012.

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