Data Warehouse Appliances: Do You Need One?

In this two part article from Baseline Consulting, Evan Levy considers the benefits of a Data Warehouse appliance to those considering replacing ageing in-house or custom built solutions developing using conventional SQL based RDBMS.  He notes that the average lifespan of a data warehouse is typically just 3-4 years and that enterprises rarely give due consideration to migration to a replacement platform or how to scale without impacting the quality or breadth of data offered to end users:

The challenge in managing these larger environments is understand the dynamics of the data content and the associated processing. That’s why partitioning the data across multiple servers or simply removing history doesn’t work – for every shortcut taken to reduce the data quantity, there’s an equal impact to user access and the single version of truth. This approach also makes data manipulation and even system support dramatically more complicated.” [Read More]

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