DAM News Round-Up – 5th August 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Upgrade to Third Light Chorus

DAM vendor Third Light have recently announced an upgrade to their Chorus digital media library.  Although the article highlights a number of new features for their platform, including ‘Spaces’ which described as “virtual departments to mirror the way organizations work”, and a new access and permissions control workflow module, the presentation is primarily aimed at providing migration instructions and support for existing users.  The announcement has an accompanying webinar that’s scheduled for 22nd August, which you can register for at the above link.

Tricky Stock Photo Traps We Get In

It’s all too easy to grab an image from the internet and repurpose it, and although we’re aware of copyright violations, a recent blog post from DAM solutions provider Pics.io highlights the various pitfalls to look out for even when using bona fide stock image libraries.  Covering enforceable license restrictions such as allowed context, usage and duration, it’s a useful recap for anyone incorporating free or paid-for images in their content, and might just save you or your organisation from a painful lawsuit.

Digital Asset Supply Chain Management for Marketers Free Webinar Series: Integrating DAM Across The Enterprise And Beyond – 24th September 2019

Digital Asset Management consultant and DAM News editor Ralph Windsor will be hosting a series of webinars starting on the 24th September and running for six weekly sessions.  The themes covered will include a wide range of topics from recognising your digital asset supply chain and the lifecycle of marketing assets, through to integrating DAM solutions, the role of metadata, technology and scalability considerations, and the relevance of AI, machine learning and the blockchain.  The webinars are free of charge for DAM end users, with the first seven registrants receiving a free one hour consultation (or a $50 discount for non-DAM users).

The Uncomfortable Truth About DAM

John Horodyski has published an article that attempts to reveal a few truths about setting up a DAM system, primarily, that it involves a lot of effort, expense, planning and preparation.  John explains how DAM is a foundational technology, and as such, demands a high level of understanding and strategic underpinning for it to be successful.  With a number of detailed insights and common sense maxims (such as regarding DAM as a program rather than a project, which has an end date), it should prove an invaluable read for anyone setting out on the DAM journey.

Building your ‘DAM Fam’ [1/4]: How to kickstart a digital asset management project

DAM software provider Bynder have posted part one of their four-part series on kickstarting a digital asset management project, focusing on the team that will be responsible for its implementation and management, the scope of the digital asset manager’s role and responsibilities, and the importance of appointing a dedicated ‘DAM Champion’ to oversee the project.  If you haven’t yet chosen your specific DAM system, I’ve recently co-authored an article with Ralph Windsor that breaks down and examines the various roles required to build an effective DAM vendor selection team.

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