DAM News Round-Up – 8th April 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

BrandingUI Design & Workflow Tools Now Available to DAM Partners of Santa Cruz Software

US DAM tool vendor Santa Cruz Software has recently announced that its BrandingUI marketing template portal is now available to any of its DAM partners that have already integrated with its LinkrUI connector.  BrandingUI allows creatives to build templates using their own design software, with the ability to lock certain elements to ensure brand compliance is preserved and adhered to.  The tool also allows inclusion of DAM assets and offers approval workflows before being printed, published or shared.

MediaValet Inc. Acquired by Affiliate of STG

Canadian DAM software provider MediaValet has just announced that its acquisition by River Acquisition Corp, an affiliate of US private equity firm Symphony Technology Group (STG) has now been completed. Priced at $1.71 CAD, MediaValet’s shares are expected to be delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).  Rob Chase, CEO of MediaValet stated that the transaction marks an important moment in the company’s evolution in providing best-in-class DAM solutions.

Google joins IPTC, the global standards body of the news media

Google has just joined the IPTC, the global technology standards for the news media, as a voting member, allowing it to take part in key decisions in shaping the future of metadata standards.  Google has worked with IPTC for almost 15 years, originally collaborating on schema.org’s news properties.  In 2018, Google staff spoke at the Photo Metadata Conference, leading to a partnership, along with CEPIC, to add support for copyright, credit and licensing information on Google Images, plus continued support for the Digital Source Type property which is now being used to denote generative AI content.

AI Image Generation Tools Ranked

Digital Asset Management platform provider ResourceSpace has just published an article comparing eight of the most popular generative AI image creation tools.  Included applications include DALL-E, DreamStudio Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Microsoft’s Image Creator (also powered by DALL-E), ImageFX by Google, Getty’s unimaginatively named Generative AI, and open source platform, Craiyon.  A breakdown of each platform is provided, along with pricing information and a table presenting the positives and negatives of each solution.

Full Guide to Marketing Asset Management in 2024

This detailed post from DAM vendor Pics.io dives into the topic of marketing asset management (commonly referred to as MAM, but not to be confused with media asset management).  The article covers a broad range of digital marketing media from email campaigns, blog posts, and podcasts through to more traditional formats such as brochures, business cards and branded merchandise.  The article also provides an overview of the marketing asset lifecycle, the types of user that typically use marketing assets, and a selection of tips and insights on how a well-organised MAM system can help organisations to maintain and protect brand consistency, secure their assets against unauthorised access, and facilitate improved collaboration and distribution.

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