DAM News Round-Up – 1st July 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Photography, AI and the hidden laws of probable outcome

This recent post from visual technology expert Paul Melcher pays tribute to the combination of nuance, timing and instinct that traditional photographers have mastered to create original and captivating images.  Paul compares this with the precision of stock photography and how the advent of generative artificial intelligence has created a divergence between the immediacy of capturing a moment and creating one synthetically.  An insightful read for photographers and creators alike.

What objectives can be set when it comes to digital transformation for ESG?

French DAM provider Wedia delve into the issue of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.  As more consumers express a growing desire for their products and services to be more sustainable and less ecologically damaging, the corporate and technological world are slowly changing their behaviours.  The article takes a look at the key aspects of ESG in the digital transformation space and how a DAM system can help organisations achieve sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprints by decreasing physical assets, encouraging reuse and preventing asset duplication, improving format optimisation to reduce bandwidth use, and ensuring their servers and storage solutions are energy efficient.

Why your business needs brand asset management

Creators of the Dash and Asset Bank platforms, Bright Interactive, present a detailed and practical guide to Brand Asset Management (BAM).  The article provides a description of BAM, along with examples of typical brand assets such as logos, colour palettes, fonts, audio files, and marketing material.  The difference between DAM and BAM is also covered, along with a number of reasons why a business would need a dedicated brand management platform, not least to protect and maintain brand integrity.  Tips on building a business case and an overview of four common solution providers is also included.

Busting the DAM Migration Myth in Three Easy Steps

Migrating to a new DAM system can be a daunting task, even for the most accomplished managers, technicians and developers.  This recent article from co-founder of DAM platform LightRocket, Yvan Cohen, takes a pragmatic approach to migration by breaking it down into three simple steps: knowing what assets you have; understanding what type of migration you need (depending upon whether or not it’s your first DAM); and performing the migration itself.  Although tailored to their own solution, the article provides some useful advice that can be applied to any platform.  Watch this space for more information concerning DAM migration as it’s this month’s editorial theme.

California’s Groundbreaking Legislation: The “California Provenance, Authenticity and Watermarking Standards Act”

This recent article from digital watermarking and content tracking provider Imatag examines California’s recent landmark legislation that aims to provide authentication for both real and synthetic digital content in an attempt to tackle disinformation and deepfakes in light of the rise of AI generated content.  The bill, entitled ‘California Provenance, Authenticity and Watermarking Standards‘ was introduced in February and is currently undergoing review by the state senate.  The act’s key provisions include the implementation of watermarking by AI platforms, providing visible provenance data, and, from January 2026, the requirement for devices such as smartphones, cameras and recording devices to offer digital watermarking options.

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