Who needs to be on your DAM Vendor Selection Team?

We have recently published an educational feature article written by myself and my co-contributor, Charles Russell, entitled What roles are required for DAM Vendor Selection Teams?   This is a follow-up to our previous article about building business cases for DAM solutions.

The piece examines the kind of people who need to be included on the selection panel for an enterprise DAM.  The main groups discussed are:

  • Key DAM users
  • Metadata/Taxonomy specialists
  • Technical/IT personnel
  • Procurement personnel
  • Data protection experts
  • Project managers
  • Project administrators

Although we advise treating the vendor selection exercise as a separate project, there is far more to a DAM initiative than just selecting a vendor’s product platform:

In order to bring due attention and focus to the process, the selection task should be regarded as a sub-project within the overall DAM implementation. With that being said, it is important to acknowledge that the selection exercise should never be considered as the project itself. The scope of implementing DAM solutions is far wider than simply choosing a product and it will be an ongoing process with stages before (and well after) a vendor is appointed.” [Read More]

Included also in the same article is a section on how to get the best value from consultants, should you decide to appoint one.

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