ECM/DAM Standards: Choosing Those That Are Important For Your Implementation

This Content Geeks article (which is written by Nuxeo staff) considers various types of ECM standards: “Standards Matter, but Don’t Be Blind“.   This article reviews the main types and related technologies by sub-dividing them into 3 broad categorisations:

  • Interoperability: CMIS specifically but also WSS (SharePoint), WebDAV and CIFS
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HTML5 Poised To Kill Off Flash And Silverlight: Potential Negative Impact For Innovations In DAM Interfaces?

As described in both this article and this one by, the days of proprietary plug-ins like Flash and Silverlight look numbered.  From the first article about Flash:

Shunned by Apple’s iOS and Windows Phones, and offering a spotty experience on Android, Flash on mobile platforms has had

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Survey Reveals High Levels of CMIS Awareness But Less Interest In Implementation

CMS integrator and services provider, Generis have conducted a customer survey about CMS priorities for 2011 amongst their customers and associates.  The survey asked seven key questions covering various topics:

  • What current ECM platform(s) does your company use?
  • Are you looking to merge / move / reduce / expand ECM
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Apple Are “Labelling Vendor Specific Implementations As Standards”

Writing on, Jeroen Wijering and Zachary Ozer from (developers of the JW Media Players used by numerous sites and DAM systems) take Apple to task over their blurring of the lines between actual HTML 5 standards and the Apple-specific Safari/QuickTime technology stack.  Their article: “Note to

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