Apple Are “Labelling Vendor Specific Implementations As Standards”

Writing on, Jeroen Wijering and Zachary Ozer from (developers of the JW Media Players used by numerous sites and DAM systems) take Apple to task over their blurring of the lines between actual HTML 5 standards and the Apple-specific Safari/QuickTime technology stack.  Their article: “Note to Apple: Safari & QuickTime are Not Web Standards” discusses a number of Apple’s own proprietary extensions to the HTML 5 video standard:

…the big promise of HTML5 Video is of it being a widely adopted and highly standardized technology. While Apple may see it as a means to reach feature parity with Flash, most web developers see it as a simple solution for including video in a webpage without worrying about plug-in support. Web standards are about removing incompatibility barriers altogether. They are not about replacing plugins with proprietary browser addons, which is exactly what Apple has done here.” [Read More]

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