Survey Reveals High Levels of CMIS Awareness But Less Interest In Implementation

CMS integrator and services provider, Generis have conducted a customer survey about CMS priorities for 2011 amongst their customers and associates.  The survey asked seven key questions covering various topics:

  • What current ECM platform(s) does your company use?
  • Are you looking to merge / move / reduce / expand ECM platforms in 2011?
  • For any ECM projects planned during 2011, what is the focus?
  • Have you heard of / worked with CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) yet?
  • How important do you think CMIS and a common access to multiple repositories will be for your company during 2011?

The responses to the question on CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) revealed that 77% of respondents were aware of this development – even though the standard was only formally agreed earlier this year.  However, only 26% saw it as a major factor and just 16% viewed it as ‘essential’.

What could be skewing the results is that Generis’s sample is probably derived from content management experts and champions within enterprises who need to be aware of emerging standards like CMIS but are not necessarily ready yet for the potential technical implications (and costs) of utilising them fully.   We would expect interest in CMIS to grow through 2011, however and by 2012 it may feature more prominently in implementation plans.

The full survey is here.

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