DAM Interoperability 1.0

Continuing our Finding Signs Of Life In DAM series, in this next piece, I have begun to consider DAM interoperability, which I contend is one of the factors why DAM has failed to gain traction in enterprises:

Why is interoperability important to DAM progressing as an enterprise technology? Without proper standards, every third party technology which has to interface with a DAM solution must do so in a bespoke manner. The implication is that either the technology must be built with multiple connectors to a range of different DAM solutions or DAM development teams have to build their own integration features, independently and with little or no opportunity to re-use existing work.” [Read More]

I have drawn a lot on Tim Strehele’s article about this subject which we published on DAM News earlier this year.  Building on that, I have sought to not only evaluate the current state of DAM interoperability, but also to propose a method by which an industry-wide standard could get started.

When this subject has come up before, the reactions to it I have read are generally negative and non-constructive.  That now needs to change and I have doubts about the true motivations for people who hold this position (in addition to those who demonstrate some early enthusiasm and then don’t follow up by doing much about it).  As I have observed before, slating DAM vendors has almost become an industry in its own right, but if no one steps up to suggest improvements and take an active interest it seeing them realised, this is arguably even more cynical (and ultimately pointless) than the practices of those who are the subject of the critique.

I would contend that the realisation of interoperability standards in DAM is key to whether it has longevity as a market or becomes just another forgotten layer of sediment in the wider progression of the technology sector.  In the article, I have outlined a method I believe could help to get the ball rolling with the not-inconsiderable work ahead.  I will refrain from dusting off all the usual clichés about this kind of undertaking, but I think most people reading this article have a good idea of the nature of the task (and how much harder it is than it initially seems).

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