HTML5: Perspectives From A Flash Developer

Zohar Babin, head of developer relations at Kalutra presents an alternative view on the Flash vs HTML5 debate from the perspective of a Flash developer.  He makes some valid points about the shortcomings of HTML5 while emphasising that he is supporter of it:

HTML5 promise is to be open and agreed-upon, however the reality is the opposite: no agreement, no single implementation that will just work the same everywhere and no single place that provides visibility on the process. Just half-results published on the W3C site when things are finally ironed out, and implementation on the browser side is not even being discussed, so using the same HTML5+JS+CSS script will not necessarily provide the same result across all browsers/devices.” [Read More]

Zohar highlights 3 key areas that currently affect HTML5’s ability to offer what Flash can:

  • True cross platform compatibility – as opposed to the current “aspirational” compatibility that we have now.
  • Hardware accelerated optimized run-time – to enable responsive games and Rich Internet Applications
  • A solid and usable authoring environment that caters to the needs of designers as well as developers

These points echo what many have been saying about Flash vs HTML5, that  while the latter may have captured the Zeitgeist, Flash is still a more practical choice at this point in time.

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