XML: A Long Term Proposition? Symposium To Discuss XML’s Future – 2nd August 2010, Toronto

Most readers of DAM News are probably actively involved in using and providing XML data on a daily basis and few would doubt that it will be actively used for the foreseeable future.  Computing history, however, is full of examples of file formats that were once considered essential building blocks of data driven applications and are now consigned to the history books.

The International Symposium on XML for the Long Haul Issues in the Long-term Preservation of XML being held in Toronto (Canada) on 2nd August 2010 considers the long-term preservation of XML and ensuring that it will continue to be accessible to applications not just years, but decades into the future:

How can we best ensure that our data, all our data, and its semantics survive this year, next year, ten years? into the next millennium? Commercial information may have a useful lifetime measured in years or decades; cultural-heritage material, scientific data, governmental data, and historical documents need to be preserved for centuries; information about nuclear waste products will remain relevant for hundreds of millennia. It‘s not enough for the bits to survive; the meaning of the information needs to survive as well. What are we doing and what should we be doing to help its survival?” [Read More]

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