FLV “Not Dead” But “On Life Support”

As revealed by transcoding services provider, encoding.com, demand for FLV (Flash Video) remains despite the ongoing debates over HTML5 and the transition to H.264.  As many commentators have pointed out, while the iPad and iPod may be FLV-unfriendly, in the corporate world, many users still cannot view anything other than FLV and it remains the de-facto baseline standard at this time:

There are still many important use cases of FLV video, for example a significant percentage of browsers still have old versions of Flash installed and can only view the FLV video format in their players (earlier than v9, prior to Flash support of H.264). If you have any need for FLV video, for example if you have a “FLV Fallback” plan into your workflow, we recommend using our new FLV preset called Flash VP6 On2 Flix which will producce a .flv video using the VP6 codec.” [Read More]

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