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DAM Vendors ‘Brazenly Ignore’ Corporate IT Standards

by Naresh Sarwan on February 5, 2010

Theresa Regli of CMSWatch has written an article that discusses the trend for DAM Vendors to use technologies such as Flash or cutting edge AJAX even though many corporate laptops and older browsers often do not properly support them:

It’s something that often gets brazenly ignored by a vendor during a demo. The vendor may know that an entire corporation is still running Windows XP and the enterprise standard is still Internet Explorer 6, and a 2-year-old version of Flash, but that won’t stop them from showing you something that’s designed for IE 8+ with the latest version of Flash.

The commentary also raises the important issue of support for Flash, noting that Apple’s iPad (like the iPhone) does not include it.  As reported elsewhere on Digital Asset Management News, Flash is having  a hard time maintaining its status as video delivery medium of choice recently.

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