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The Inconvenient Truths of Enterprise DAM

by Naresh Sarwan on March 11, 2010

Following Theresa Regli’s article for last month about the performance of DAM systems on corporate laptops, Ralph Windsor of Daydream takes a semi-humorous  look at what he calls “The Inconvenient Truths of Enterprise Digital Asset Management” in this blog entry.  6 truths are discussed:

  • Truth #1: Work with the client’s IT environment or don’t work at all
  • Truth #2: Lots of people will still be using IE6
  • Truth #3: IT will want to host it
  • Truth #4: Corporate networks are not ready to handle HD content
  • Truth #5: Enterprise IT security products hate AJAX and Flash
  • The Final Truth: It’s one thing to build applications, it’s quite another to deploy them

Towards the end of the article, Windsor makes a serious point:

Currently, the DAM market is riding something of a wave of high demand that has bucked the recessionary trend despite an era of declining budgets.  Most vendors with a serviceable product and visible presence have seen their customer acquisition rates rise as a result.  To sustain interest and obtain a foothold as an integral enterprise solution (in the same manner as say HR or Accounts/Finance applications), the DAM software industry needs to get more realistic and honest about how our technologies are going to be used by a typical enterprise customer and engineer for greater robustness and reliability.

There are some clear dividing lines now developing between the pro-Flash/Flex camp and those who have concerns about whether it it is a viable platform for DAM (see also this article by Kas Thomas In DAM, Flashy does not always mean Flex).  It will be interesting to see how widely Flash is used in DAM solutions over the next 12-18 months.

Read the rest of the “The Inconvenient Truths of Enterprise DAM” on the Daydream blog.

ork with the client’s IT environment or don’t work at all

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