The New Era Of Paper Prototypes

Prototyping is an integral part of most software development projects, however, the method used is often paper-based, even if it does not necessarily fit the environment in which the software would be used – this is particularly true of mobile applications.  In this article, Thomas Davies writing on the UX Booth blog discusses the options for combining the physicality of paper with a technique that is more suited to mobile:

When interacting with desktop computers, users will usually be in a “controlled” environment, in the comfort of their own homes or offices. Mobile devices can be used in the queue at Starbucks or simply when walking in the street, and therefore lack the luxury of that “controlled” world. These devices can be used in any environment and held in several different ways, and these are two key reasons as to why the standard paper prototyping method doesn’t lend itself to mobile devices. The hardware is as important as the software when it comes to mobile devices, and those that understand its strengths and constraints will create better overall solutions. Therefore, incorporating the physical device into the early prototyping stages is vital.” [Read More]

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