The DAM Specialisation Debate

My fellow DAM News co-contributor, Ralph Windsor, has written a new feature article: The Digital Asset Management Specialisation Debate.  The item was inspired by some of the subjects considered during the CMSWire DAM Tweet Jam held last month.  He examines three specialisation discussion points:

  • Horizontal specialisation
  • Vertical market specialisation
  • Platforms vs dedicated applications

I tend to side with specialisation as the way forward for DAM and, indeed, all types of software. In my view, it is preferable to have products that fulfil one task and do it very well, rather than a more wide-ranging application that is unsatisfactory across lots of different capabilities. As I will discuss, however, that is a somewhat generalised and facile analysis which is, itself, not specific enough. The reality is more complex when you start to pick through the various inter-dependent factors.” [Read More]

This is a complex subject and many of his concerns mirror my own experience of dealing with DAM solutions that have become bloated and unfit for purpose.  Ralph refers to the DAM specialisation debate as an “on-going theatrical saga with multiple plot twists” and I would agree with his analysis.

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