Steve Jobs ‘Can’t Get His Facts Straight’ On Flash

More responses to Steve Job’s attempt to justify the exclusion of Flash from Apple mobile devices.  This analysis by Streaming Media guru, Dan Rayburn is the most accurate (in our view) and highlights the fact that money rather than open standards is Apple’s primary motivation for not supporting Flash on iPhones and iPads:

“Apple knows that a lot of the ads on the web are delivered in Flash. So Apple clearly wants to divert some of those dollars over to Apple by having a platform that forces you to take webpages and convert them into micro apps making it impossible for the content creator to load any kind of ads. Then you launch your own proprietary mobile ad platform iAds and you make money by taking a small percentage of every ad impression on your closed platform. Steve needs to stop trying to make this into a “technology” issue when this is all about money.” [Read More]

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