Stephen McAreavey Interview

Stephen McAreaveyThis week’s DAM News interview is with Stephen McAreavey, Commercial Director at Norther Irish DAM vendor, Aetopia.  In an article we published earlier this week on DAM News about the Forrester Wave, I pointed out that there are a herd of dark horses in DAM – companies that many people who claim they have significant experience in DAM will profess to not even know existed.  Aetopia are a case in point.  They have some household-name brands as clients and a platform which has been around for nearly 20 years, yet you won’t find them mentioned in many analyst reports.

In his interview, Stephen makes some very pertinent observations about the DAM implementation process.  This particular point resonated with me:

Although DAM platforms are a huge part of the efficient management of digital assets, they cannot work magic, so a certain amount of preparation is needed before implementing your own platform. I think that’s important for people to understand.  Anyone unfamiliar with DAM should first take the time to understand the assets they want to manage—the more efficiently you can plan at this stage, the more value you can squeeze out from your assets.” [Read More]

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