Search Not Enough For Digital Asset Management

In this FUMSI article, Fran Alexander of the BBC Archive argues that text search alone is inadequate to support business processes that are typically required of a Digital Asset Management system.  She also critiques a variety of techniques including Tagging, CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval), Face Recognition, Speech to Text and Fingerprinting:

Digital Asset Management (DAM) depends on metadata, but when choosing a system it is worth bearing in mind the difference between your subjective metadata (tags, classifications, indexes, etc. for search and retrieval) and your objective metadata (file formats, source details, etc. for routine functions like rights management, stock control, and distribution). DAM vendors often promote the latest search techniques because they sound exciting, but if the system cannot handle your objective metadata well, you may find you have an expensive search engine that struggles to support your normal business processes.” [Read More]

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