Pure And Applied Digital Asset Management – The Debate About DAM vs Content Management

On our features section, I have published an article: Re-Visiting Pure and Applied Digital Asset Management which (among other topics) discusses the on-going debate over changing the name of Digital Asset Management to Content Management:

In the same way the discussion about the three letter acronym has occupied way too much time and attention, I am reaching the same conclusion about the debate over whether we should all switch to ‘content management’. Until someone provides me with a plausible reason why ‘Digital Asset Management’ is not a semantically accurate description of the activity we are involved in, I am not going to cease using it.” [Read More]

As well as this debate, I also cover the (far more important, in my opinion) subject of whether Digital Asset Management as a discipline needs to divide into what I refer to as ‘Pure’ and ‘Applied’ DAM.  The latter is the currently restricted and less innovative field that characterises Content Digital Asset Management (or ‘Content Management’ if you prefer).  The former sees digital assets and DAM connecting up with subjects like Digital Transformation, which do offer more scope for innovation.  I invite readers to consider which side of this debate they sit on.

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